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Individual wine pourer for promotion

All-in-One Neckhanger

The DropStop all-in-one neckhanger

Wine Breather

Wine Breather for pouring and aerating

Bottle Cooler

High-quality, individually printed designer bottle cooler

Wine Bottle Bag

Non Woven Bag fits one bottle of wine or sparkling wine

Wine Accessories

Other wine- or gastronomy-related promotional items

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Customized promotional products for your success: This is what counts for Kandinsky!

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We are the perfect partner for all services concerning promotional products.

Promotional item information

You can find general information on our promotional items here.

The Original DropStop at Kandinsky - Made in Europe!
Minimum order from 150 pieces  •  short delivery times from 14 days  •  highest quality of product and printing
So simple: Choose your favourite product, select the colour, then send us your motif.
You will receive a non-binding offer within 24 hours.

Our DropStop and further products:

Original DropStop
All-in-One Neckhanger
Wine Breather
Packaging without imprint
Packaging with imprint
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General Information about the Original DropStop

DropStop and its use as a promotional item.
Which properties does a promotional item need to make it a perfect giveaway? A promotional item should remain in the customer’s presence for as long as possible. It should generate positive brand recognition and customer retention. The promotional item should provide the customer with an additional benefit. DropStop combines all of these properties as a promotional item. It is reusable and therefore will serve a purpose for the customer for a very long time. You and your brand will convey a good feeling to your customers thanks to the high-quality, abrasion-resistant and food-safe materials. The DropStop as a promotional item conveys a thoroughly positive feeling through its properties and everyday usefulness. Plus, it is entirely ‘Made in Europe’.

So, why should you choose the DropStop as a promotional item? Because the DropStop is not only the perfect promotional item for your customers and for wine-lovers, it also effortlessly takes centre stage.
With its feather light weight of 1 gram and its ultra-flat design, it is the perfect insert for a mailing campaign or as a gift in a magazine. The globally popular DropStop is already available as a promotional item from batches of 150 pieces and can be delivered to you within just 14 days. Find out more here about the DropStop variants available, its multi-faceted use at POS or as a giveaway, as well as about the numerous packaging options with or without imprint.

As you can see: good ideas don’t have to be complicated.

The DropStop as a little helper

In case you aren’t familiar with the product: you’re sitting with together with friends at a festively laid table, the mood is relaxed, the wine is flowing, the bottle drips and suddenly the good table linen is ruined by a few splashes of wine.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Situations such as this are a thing of the distant past with thanks to the DropStop. This practical wine pourer is simply rolled up and inserted into the bottle neck. Its ingenious design enables drip-free pouring - guaranteed.


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