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Individual wine pourer for promotion

All-in-One Neckhanger

The DropStop all-in-one neckhanger

Wine Breather

Wine Breather for pouring and aerating


High-quality aeration decanter with doming

Bottle Cooler

High-quality, individually printed designer bottle cooler

Wine Bottle Bag

Non Woven Bag fits one bottle of wine or sparkling wine


Foldable tea filter as an ambassador for your mailing

Wine Accessories

Other wine- or gastronomy-related promotional items

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The Original DropStop

The name says it all: DropStop.

The DropStop - a small and, at a first look, truly unremarkable helper. It reliably prevents drips forming when pouring, making irritating red wine spots on white table cloths a thing of the past. DropStop creates a great mood and fosters trust during wine evenings with friends. Easily transfer these positive vibes to your company or brand. You can find all the specifications at a glance here.

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Have a look at the following DropStops that may inspire you.

Here’s how to get your preferred DropStop.

First choose a colour and the appropriate design. You can choose from silver, gold or bronze. Decide which colour shade works with your logo or campaign and which effect you want to achieve. Then consider whether you prefer a glossy finish or an elegant matt look. Here is an overview of the colours once more.

There are lots of options, depending on how you design your desired print, whether in a single colour or in a full-surface photo print, wonderful effects can be achieved with the DropStop basic colours. The four-tone, high-resolution digital printing method also makes it possible to reproduce any motif. In the following example, the DropStop colours are used to represent the logo and a wonderful, elegant border.

Do you need something individual? Not a problem for DropStop either. Print the DropStop in 1 or 4 tone print and a sequential number, a code or the name of the recipient.

Complete your DropStop by choosing the packaging. Choose neutral packaging for this or packaging printed with your logo, which can be designed to match your DropStop. You can find out more about our packaging options here::

Packaging without imprint
Packaging with imprint

If you don’t request any packaging you will receive your DropStop loose in a box.

It’s super easy to use, but here is a quick how-to, just in case:

Easy to use. Big impact.

The DropStop...Highest enjoyment...
...is a popular wine pourer worldwide....in small quantities: from 150 pieces.
...guaranteed drip-free pouring....with a short delivery time.
...is reusable....with high-quality finishing: photo print.
...is abrasion resistant and food safe....with lightness: 1 gram.
...is "made in europe".



All facts and figures at a glance: 

Materialfood safe layered laminate (PET and Aluminium)
SizeØ76 mm
Colourssilver-shiny, silver-mat,
gold-shiny, gold-mat,
bronze-shiny, bronze-mat
Imprint1/0 C (black) or up to 4/0 C (photo printing)
Packagingsingle packaging without or with imprint, bulk packaging
MOQ150 pieces
Delivery timefrom 2 weeks

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