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Individual wine pourer for promotion

All-in-One Neckhanger

The DropStop all-in-one neckhanger

Wine Breather

Wine Breather for pouring and aerating


High-quality aeration decanter with doming

Bottle Cooler

High-quality, individually printed designer bottle cooler

Wine Bottle Bag

Non Woven Bag fits one bottle of wine or sparkling wine


Foldable tea filter as an ambassador for your mailing

Wine Accessories

Other wine- or gastronomy-related promotional items

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Wine+ Decanter

Exclusive aerating decanter Wine+

The Wine+ is an innovative and extremely high-quality aerating decanter that aerates your wine whilst pouring. Simple yet effective. Thanks to its materials - that are suitable for direct contact with food - the taste and aroma of the wine remains unchanged. There’s no need for extensive aerating of the wine before you can enjoy it with the Wine+. The aroma reveals itself in an instant.

The elegant and timeless design of the WINE+ aerating decanter is captivating. Finish off this attractive design with your logo. The WINE+ provides a subtle yet conspicuous opportunity for promotional presentation. You have the option to add your logo as doming on the lid of the aerating decanter. The photo printing provides you with plenty of design space.

Simple to use

What else would you expect from a product from the makers of DropStop? Our WINE+ is also super easy to use. Fix the WINE+ to the bottle and remove the cork or cap. After a short aeration period you can pour the wine into the glass. If one glass does the trick, close the WINE+ and store the wine safely until the next glass. After use, simply clean the WINE+ with tap water. All DropStop products are reusable, so you can also enjoy the WINE+ for a long time.


Packaging without print

Transparent foil packaging with standard Wine+ insert card. Choice of white or black. Including pre-printed instructions for use on one side of the card.

Packaging with print

Transparent foil packaging with individually printed insert card Wine+. The insert card can be finished either on one side or on both sides with 4-colour photo printing.

All figures and facts at a glance: 

MaterialPP, TPE, stainless steel
Size81 mm
Imprint4c photoprint with doming
Packagingwith or without imprint
MOQ75 pieces
Delivery timefrom 2 weeks

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